Penobscot Pursuit Race

 Penobscot Pursuit Regatta!


You never know about this race! Created out of lament for the loss of Camden Castine regatta, a small group at RYC started this race to see what might happen.  What has happened has turned out to be a little more then any of them bargained for!  A pursuit race, (read all about it on this website) it is often scoffed at by those racers who just don’t quite get it.  As the race organizers bite their nails, the race starts in Rockland on Saturday, and heads down the Bay, for a number of years to Castine, and last year to Belfast.  It’s a sleigh ride down the Bay, and we found that the party in Belfast was every bit as fun as the legendary parties we have had  in the magic Island of Castine, (What happens in Castine, stays in Castine). Then the whole affair is reversed on Sunday, returning to Rockland for the famous ad hoc BBQ awards gathering.  As this regatta is really about two days of racing on either side of a really fun dinner and party in the middle, this is a weekend worth setting aside.  This race is in our backyard, fun and easy to do.  Join in!

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