Penobscot Bay Rendezvous


This is not an event you should attend if you are only interested in racing your boat.

If that is your only interest why would you want to be surrounded on Thursday evening by other interesting sailors from all over New England and the world. All gathered about cutting edge yachting technology at Lyman Morse boat yard. All the while enjoying drinks from the open bar and eating gourmet finger food after the Skippers meeting. And what does a large pyro- technics display at the end of the evening have to do with racing?

Then on Friday you would not want to be distracted during  the mid day start in Rockland harbor, outside of Pen Bays most distinctive breakwater, by windjammers filled with spectators. Nor would you want to be ducking antique airplanes doing fly by’ s. No, you would want to just get on with the race. And race you would with several different courses for several different classes to accommodate all comers. After this first day of racing you would be asked to join everyone for yet again, another gathering in Rockland. You would enjoy live music, food, drink and party discussion before you go off on the town to enjoy Rocklands finest establishments.

But wait! This is not even half over yet. Saturday you would line up again and race all afternoon to Camden. You would be met at Wayfarers Marine docks with steel drum bands, food and drink. All this you share with your crew while you brag about your brilliant strategies or lament your loss due to obvious technicalities beyond your control. The Crew party is just a warm up for the big party which starts latter with dining and dancing long into the night. The idea here is to wear you competitors down because you still have one more race to do on Sunday.

After two consecutive race days you are feeling sharp and are ready for day three. Sunday races start in Camden off beautiful Curtis Island light and finishes at same. Then back into Wayfarers for the final awards party. More food and drinks as you congratulate your new found friends and everyone heads for home.

This is not the sort of event you attend if you have pressing chores at home, or can’t spare the money, or are satisfied with an average sailing weekend or generally have your rudder stuck in the mud. No, you only attend this event if you want to be part of the largest, most fun, best partying, boating event in Penobscot bay this summer!

Sign up now. Proceeds go to Lifeflight of Maine. Cluster Cup friendly.



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