Maine Rocks Race

This event, sponsored by the Rockland Yacht Club, is ideal for “adrenalin junkies” to get a late-season fix of shorthanded offshore distance sailing  in the company of like-minded folk who choose to have only a partner, spouse, grown child…or themselves for crew.  The course, from Rockland to Mount Desert Rock, leaving Matinicus, Criehaven and Matinicus Rock to port- then the return leg on the same track to a finish in Rockland harbor, has a rhumb line distance of 112 miles.  The race offers the participants the opportunity to sharpen shorthanded offshore sailing skills while  refining procedures for safe shorthanded passage making.  Couples who are considering “sailing off into the sunset”  should consider this event as a step in that direction. The race is held in the middle of September, the weekend after the Around Islesboro Race.

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